Finding Resilience in an Uncertain Job Market

Desolate city streets have become an all too familiar sight since the Covid pandemic began over a year ago. Immense disruptions in employment have led to furloughs, layoffs, reduced hours, and a surge in people working remotely. With sharp rises in unemployment, many are in search of new jobs amid exceedingly stressful circumstances. Career Specialist, Jessica Lichota speaks with Mental Health Missions about the psychological effects associated with job loss and how to maintain a positive outlook while pursuing new opportunities
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New Year, New Goals

If you’re like many people, you may have made New Year's resolutions. A new year seems a good time to set goals for things we want to change or improve but oftentimes making resolutions can be easier than sticking to them. More than halfway into the first full month of 2021, how to stay on track when it comes to those coveted New Year’s resolutions
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Reflections of 2020

How do you sum up a year that has been rife with tragedy and unexpected sadness? Mental Health Missions Founder, Melanie Taussig reflects on a year plagued by a pandemic, disrupted by social unrest, and imbued with discord. A look back at a grueling year and why there are still reasons to have hope
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Grief and Loss

Grief can be all-consuming, complicated and difficult. Yet, it is a universal experience that touches everyone at some point. A discussion with Clinical Social Worker, Ann Price about how grief shows up and how to navigate the hardship
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Mental Health Minute: Christine Thai Way

The newest edition of the Mental Health Minute will explore perceptions of mental health professionals from diverse backgrounds. Mental Health Missions is excited to be in conversation with Christine Thai Way, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Therapeasy, a Denver-based mental health startup. Along with her team at Therapeasy, Ms. Thai Way seeks to transform the mental health industry by making treatment more accessible and equitable for all
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Tips for Coping During Divisive Times

Over the past several months we have been inundated with conflicting viewpoints that at times have become contentious and heated. The intensity of the moment has taken a toll on the mental health of many. No matter which side of the coin you look at and regardless of political affiliations, there is always an opposing perspective. Amid the palpable tension, learn ways to cope and engage in thoughtful discussions with those who may have views very different from your own
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Sports in the Age of Covid

When the coronavirus first rattled our daily lives back in March, the sports world took a hard stop suddenly halting the livelihood and dreams of many, from the Major Leagues to Little League. Even the 2020 Olympics were postponed. But, with change comes opportunity. Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jim Afremow discusses the psychological benefits of sports, the silver lining of having to pause, mentally prevailing during this precarious time, and coming through stronger on the other side
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