Mental Health Missions is dedicated to addressing issues related to mental health, emotional well-being, and social justice. 

The mission is to provide education, share stories, and impart a message of hope and compassion. Mental Health Missions is committed to creating an ethos that advocates for people to reach a place of mental equilibrium. It is with great hope that Mental Health Missions will serve as a call to action and encourage people to combat the stigma that is associated with mental illness. 

Mental Health Missions is working to guide the conversation about mental health toward a place of transparency and acceptance. Please join us in having this important conversation. Melanie Taussig

Melanie Taussig, Founder, Mental Health Missions

Melanie is the founder of Mental Health Missions. She writes many of the featured articles on the website and collaborates with guest writers to edit contributed pieces. Melanie is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for mental health causes. Before founding Mental Health Missions, Melanie spent several years working at the Counseling Center at Arizona State University. She has also held positions in Business Development for various psychiatric hospitals, connecting individuals to treatment for behavioral health and substance abuse. Melanie founded Mental Health Missions to spread awareness about mental health and to promote supportive messaging for those who are struggling. She understands firsthand the impact that mental health issues pose and is committed to shining a light on this important topic. Melanie is also devoted to prevention efforts and social justice issues. She received a Masters of Arts in Education from Pepperdine University and a Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University. Melanie holds a Licensed Clinical Social Worker certification in Arizona and in Colorado.

Melanie’s simplest joy is sunflowers.