Conflicting Emotions

Is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same time? Or confident and doubtful? It sounds difficult to conceive but having feelings that are in opposition to each other is possible. Conflicting emotions can be confusing and in some cases, uncomfortable. Learn more about the experience of contradictory feelings
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Athletes and Mental Health Issues

As the world takes steps to find its footing post-pandemic, many of the things we have missed are back. This includes sports. From large-scale professional leagues to Little League, sporting events are making a comeback and there is ongoing discussion about athletes and their mental health. At this unique moment in time, Mental Health Missions speaks with Psychology Professor, Dr. Judy Van Raalte about some of the emotional pressures that athletes are facing
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Mental Health Check In

With high levels of stress, anxiety, and other conditions that can affect mental well-being, it’s important to sometimes take a mental health inventory. Learn questions that can help to provide a barometer of your mental wellness and tips that can improve your mood
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Navigating Mental Health in the World of Dance

Aesthetically pleasing and engaging, dance can be an empowering means for creative self-expression. Despite its beauty and entertaining offerings, the dance world can be strict and competitive, which can lead to personal challenges and psychological issues. With perspective both as a student and teacher, contributing writer, Ashling Wahner explores the intersection of dance and mental health
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Finding Resilience in an Uncertain Job Market

Desolate city streets have become an all too familiar sight since the Covid pandemic began over a year ago. Immense disruptions in employment have led to furloughs, layoffs, reduced hours, and a surge in people working remotely. With sharp rises in unemployment, many are in search of new jobs amid exceedingly stressful circumstances. Career Specialist, Jessica Lichota speaks with Mental Health Missions about the psychological effects associated with job loss and how to maintain a positive outlook while pursuing new opportunities
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